Thursday, August 4, 2011

New fosters

We got an email asking us if we wanted more foster or to take a break. Of course mom said "more fosters". So they said she could take the gremlins. Huh????

She picked them up Tuesday night. The story goes that there was a box in the play yard on Friday morning when staff got in with big letter saying "please take care of our kittens". Holes punched in the box but the top was open....and the kittens were loose.

(feel free to insert something from the bad werd list here. mom did. we'll wait)

OK, so they managed to catch everyone. They were INFESTED with fleas. Much better now, but they are kind of.....sad looking. :)  The gray fuzzy ones are the worst - hair sticking up in places and very thin in others. The smaller tabbies are better. Everyone is very thin. There is one bigger girl - obviously not related to the other 4. She is a little skittish but coming around pretty quick. Mom found her on top of the shower door the other day (sorry no picture - mom didn't have her camera).

We would love to tell you their names, but they were named at the shelter (boo) after characters from the movie Gremlins and mom didn't have a chance to write down their info. We will provide that later. For now, enjoy the pictures....
you woke us for this?

biggest kitten - female gray tabby

female brown tabby

male brown tabby

male gray

female gray


  1. Oh, such precious babies. Poor things. We're glad they're with you now and being well cared for and loved!

  2. Our Mom said lots of bad words too! What cuties and we're glad they're in your care!

  3. Awwwwwwwwwww how sad that these precious kitties were abandoned but glad that they are now in safe and loving hands!! Yay for them! They're so adorable and me and Charlie are wondering why their furrs are all sticking up - but they're safe now, and that's what matters!! Bless you all for looking after them!! Take care

  4. With those ears, I can so totally see why they were named after Gremlins!!

    I remember chasing kittens that someone left "in a box" by work once. They got out and went and hid in the bushes in the next lot.. which is good because if they had gone north instead of east they would have ended up on one of the busiest roads in town. They were so small they wouldn't set off the havaheart trap. There were a lot of *special* words said during that too..

  5. They will be REALLY adorable once they've had a few good meals!

  6. Thank goodness that your mom didn't want a break...those precious babies NEED you!

  7. Oh!!!!! I´m sending my good vibrations for babies staying well! Thanks to help them!!!!

  8. So glad you could foster these sweeties.

    What's a break? I tell our fosters, it's like being in the mob - once you're in, you're in for life! Bwahahahhaaa!! :-)

  9. Never understood the desire to leave kittens in a box somewhere. They found a good place when they found you!


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