Sunday, July 3, 2011

Zoe's big adventure....

Mom tries to keep an eye on our fosters when they go back to the shelter. So she stopped Friday night to check on Zoe and Jimmy. Before we get to Zoe's big story, we want to tell you that while Jimmy is a little timid, he seems to be doing very well. He was out yesterday when mom stopped and was playing with some girls in a get acquainted room.

Anyhow, as mom walked in, a volunteer said "wait, you know about cats, can you look at this kitten?" and it turns out they were talking about Zoe. Her spay incision was open. No idea how and it wasn't bleeding bad, but it wasn't good either.

Mom called the emergency number and got the volunteer coordinator. Really???  Anyhow, this lady called several people and finally managed to get the operations manager to come in to check Zoe. She stapled the site shut and sent her home with pain meds and antibiotic. Josephine has to be revaccinated on Tuesday and mom will take Zoe in at the same time to have her checked. The shelter lady said she thought it was a suture reaction, but mom doens't know what that means.

Anyhow, Zoe is with Grace and Audrey and you would never know she was in trouble the other day....they are playing like mad women in there!!! And her site already looks like it is healing up - so we shall see.....


  1. Own! I´m sending my berst wishes for Zoe!!!
    Good Sunday!

  2. Yikes! Poor Zoe!

    So you know, a suture reaction is inflammation of tissues in reaction to the presence of the sutures. It's sorta kinda like an allergic reaction and is actually pretty common in cats.

    Anyway, in extreme cases, the incision can swell up so much, it pops the sutures out. That looks like what happened to Zoe. Hope she heals up o.k.

    Here's a link which gives more information, if you are interested. Don't worry, it's not that gross.

  3. Poor little Zoe! Thank goodness your Mom was there to get her fixed up and back home to recuperate...and play like madcats!

  4. Awww poor little Zoe!! Oh good grief!! So glad to read she's fine now - thank you mum!!! What a fright!! Little Zoe - me and Charlie are sending you a million healing purrs and prayers! take care

  5. Poor little Zoe! We are glad you were there to make sure she was helped properly!

  6. Who is that in the background with Zoe? There is such a size difference!


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