Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday Funny....

This is how we plan to spend our weekend - what about you??

funny pictures - Some suffer from Narcolepsy.

Of course, rumor has it that a certain child related to mom is coming up for the rest of the summer. And mom mentioned this weekend being a celebration about independance or something like that. Wait....fireworks you say?? sigh.....  Well, at least we know where to find Tim - under the covers!!

Jimmy & Zoe got settled in at the shelter last night. Zoe even got out and played with the other kittens for a littel bit and was very good. Jimmy acted like he wanted out but mom knew she would then have to fish him out from under something. Of course, another volunteer tried to reach in and he backed into a corner and hissed at her. Mom put a description up on their cage but isn't sure it will be left there.

Grace and Audrey are hysterical. Mom is going to try to let them out into the condo this weekend!!

HAPPY 4TH for our US friends.


  1. A very Happy Week end to you too. We are planning on lots of naps this week end too. You sure look comfy on that sofa. We just might have to come join you. Have a good one.

  2. Happy Independence Day Holiday to you as well. Hope you get to catch up on naps before the young human arrives. Hope the kittens all settle into their new situation quickly.

  3. I hope fireworks will be over quickly on Jul 4 for kitties in the U.S.!! We hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend :-)


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