Tuesday, April 26, 2011


First, a mommy cat update: Mom called this morning and Swizzle is eating and being a little more active. The tech said she doesn't even act like she is as sick as she is. Mom feels a little better having heard that since she was kinda beating herself up. But, Swizzle is still running a pretty high fever. The rescue lady wants to spay her pretty quick, but the vet's office wants to hold off until she is a little more stable. Mom doesn't get a vote, so we shall see who wins that one.....

Baby update: more "whining" than "weaning". sigh..... And let's not even talk about what the bathroom looks like now. :)  However, mom is getting some kmr into them using a syringe. She tried the bottle, but no luck. She has put down a/d mixed with kmr hoping someone would get the idea. All we had last night was paw prints. (hey - maybe we can frame the sheet and sell it to make us some green papers - MOL) Anyhow, as of this morning, everyone ate some and Mojito and Midori did eat some off the plate, so there is hope. Mom thinks if she can get one of them to figure it out, the rest will follow. She did helps them to pee, but they is using the box as well.

And now - gratuitous baby video....cause we could all use the smile (and yes, the toesday caption fits - if you watch close, you can see Martini's mitten paws).


  1. Great news that Swizzle is eating more today. We will continue to send her purrs and to the adorable little babies to wean easier!

  2. Hearing the babies and seeing them..a treasure on this day.

    I hope the Vet thinks it is irresponsible to spay poor mother cat until she is well. That to me sounds like a sure fire way to kill her. I wish I understood why that person is so dead bent on her being spayed NOW!

  3. We're glad Swizzle is showing some improvement! We sure hope she makes a full recovery SOON!
    We just loved the baby kit-cat video! I really liked hearing them squeak - I'd sure love my own kit-cat pal!
    Play bows,

  4. Cute video - squeak! squeak!!

    Hoping the best for Swizzle. I hope the vet holds firm on not spaying while she's sick, that is only asking for trouble.

  5. That is a great video! As far as who wins with Swizzle, the Vet needs to ensure that Swizzle wins, or they should be reported for malpractice, plain and simple, the cat comes first!

  6. I totally agree with Brian. Swizzle isn't going to get pregnant while in the vets so the spaying can wait.
    Gosh those kittens are cute. Glad to hear that they are eating a little bit now. We are sending lots and lots of purrs to Swizzle and her kittens. Also we want to thank that nice hoooman for all that she is doing for all of the kittens and the Mom too.

  7. Awwww the kitties are so adorable!! They're beautiful!! But they need mum!! Poor mum!! Oh I do hope the vets hold firm and keep Swizzle's interests first and above all else!!!! Me and Charlie are sending her our purrs and prayers!! Hang on in there Swizzle, get better first!! Take care

  8. I had to watch the video twice.
    IT was so GOOD to see roly poly round babies...oh all that mewing was sweet music to hear.

    >^..^< >^..^< >^..^< >^..^< >^..^<
    Abby Ping Jinx Boo Gracie


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