Thursday, April 28, 2011

That isn't a puppy.....

We got an email from mom's SIL. Minnie is doing very well in puppy class. Mom sent them a weiss walkie to use on her. We hear in one class they were working on "recall" and Lanah stood across the room and called Minnie - who came right to her - at top speed. Rob said the trainer almost had a stroke when she thought Minnie was going to mow down Lanah. :) (fyi - Minnie is about 5 months old now)

Mom said she is getting them a saddle for Catmas this year.  hahahaha


  1. Yes, Minnie will be big enough to throw a pony-sized saddle on. LOL.

    We're glad she's doing well in class, that photo is adorable!

    -Fuzzy Tales

  2. Yay for Minnie!!

    The pic is just adorable! Take care

  3. That is a big woofie!!! And he's still growing!!

  4. Minnie is a beauty and seems to be learning VERy quickly! Is she a great pyr?


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