Friday, April 29, 2011

Never more than you can handle....

We don't follow a "religion" much, but we believe there is something out there. And there is a saying about never being given more than you can handle.

Before we get to that, a Swizzle update. Mom was so excited last night when she got home and Swizzle had eaten an entire 3 oz can of food (in fact she was so excited she had to tell someone so she sent a text to the Katnip Lounge). Mom opened another and Swiz started in on it. Another can over night and mom put one out for her this am as well. Off to the vet in about 45 minutes for the blood draw and get her tube out.

As to handling things, let us give you a little background. The shelter where mom volunteers has minimal staff and relies on volunteers to do a lot. Their adoption counselors are all volunteer and there is a team lead each shift for dogs and cats. Those people are now trained to do intake of animals. There are restrictions. The team lead last night is also the president of the board. (which kind of makes it funnier for mom)

Anyhow, 2 cats and 2 dogs came in. The first cat was front declawed and very nice and the lead started the paperwork. As she finalized it, she realized the cat was 7 years old. We know, not that old, but over the age cut off for this rescue. Too late, she thought and finished everything. Then a friend of her husband's came in - he and his daughter had found a kitten. Mom followed part of it but asked what was going on when the lead came into the adoption room looking for kmr. Come to find out the other cat was in fact a kitten - a tiny kitten. Mom figures he is about 14 days old or so. Eyes open, but not much else. The lead knew she was in trouble but couldn't turn this baby away. Mom offered to take him. The lead said she hasn't had a bottle baby but would figure it out. They brought him home last night and will take him to the shelter this morning and then the lead will pick him up this afternoon and get more instructions from them. Mom has pictures, but doesn't have time to load them this am - he is tiny and pitch black. And purrs so loud.....

He slept like a champ too - mom would like him to give lessons to the crew in the bathroom. Mom is going to check with the vet this am to see about letting Swizzle have some access to the kittens and hopefully help with weaning 101.

BTW - yes, Minnie is a great pyrenees. Off to the vet, the shelter and then Petsmart - wish Chiclet luck!!


  1. These poor abandoned animals! :-( It's so sad really. You volunteers are doing such a wonderful job against a sea of irresponsible people just chucking out animals like they're garbage. It's SO sad.

    Anyway! Great news about Swizzle!! Take care

  2. Thank you so much for who you are!!♥

  3. Many blessing to all that you do.



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