Saturday, April 30, 2011

A quickie....

Lots of stuff going on this weekend. We will post a weekend update on Monday since loading pictures to the home computer is a pain - we let mom load them at work and we use those.

No adoption for Chiclet. <> One interested lady but she is "looking" and reporting back to her husband.

Swizzle is eating like a champ. However, she growls as she eats, but mom hopes she will get over that as she puts on some weight. Mom reintroduced her to the kittens and they are bonding as we speaking....paws crossed that Swizzle can teach them the kitty ropes better than mom was doing.

And now we has to abandon the 'puter room - Junior used the box.....all we can say is be glad none of you have smell-o-blogger!!! yeesh....


  1. White Dog positive thoughts that Chiclet will find her forever home...maybe that nice lady will be back. Swizzle's recovery is good news as is her bonding. Have a great weekend.

  2. Sweetest Chicklet! xoxox
    Now Swizzle, get better and better and better. Mom and I are really pulling for you.

  3. Well we sure hope that Chiclet finds a forever home. Glad to hear about Swizzle and hope she bonds with the kittens again.

  4. Yay for Swizzle and her babies!!! Great news!!

    Me and Charlie have everything crossed for lovely Chiclet!

    Take care

  5. We are glad Swizzle is eating, that she is doing better, and that she and the kittens are bonding.

    Paws and fingers crossed for Chiclet! And great job, Junior (though we're glad we can't smell through the computer). :)

  6. Everything is crossed that a forever home will be found and that the eating continues.. Hugs GJ x

  7. I hope Chiclet finds forever home very soon.
    So glad Swizzle and her babies are bonding.


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