Monday, April 18, 2011

Mo's weekend report

As you can see, it was a pretty lazy Sunday. Mom ran some errands on Saturday, but was home the rest of the weekend. She says I was being "clingy". Not sure why that is a problem.

However, Friday afternoon was very nice when she got home from work, so she had a beer on the balcony and left the door open for us to check everything out. The spike from last summer died and she hasn't pulled it yet, so Tim & Tom gnawed on that a little. I kept sticking my head through the bars and mom kept freaking out. Maybe she needed another beer. As you can see, Junior came to the door. He did come out on the balcony a little bit, but didn't stay too long. Spud never comes further than the door. 

We are glad it was nice for this, cause the rest of the weekend was rainy and windy and yucky!!

And now, for some baby video:


  1. Thank Cod you don't live anywhere near us, because the mom has her eye on the baby on the far right, the one with all the back leg action. No, Mom, no. Remember the ghastly vet bills, Mom, that come with being a kitty caretaker!

    As for your weekend...Uh, why don't you all just jump down from the balcony and zoom off? You're not very high up (or maybe it just seems that way in the pic). Nicki would be over that and gone in two seconds or less. Seriously.

    And we want to know what's wrong with being "clingy" too! Gees, humans...Never satisfied. Either we're too independent and stand-offish or we're too clingy. There's no pleasing them!

    -Fuzzy Tales

  2. I problemo wif clinginess!!

  3. That is great that it was nice and you were able to be outside. We don't go outside but it hasn't even been nice enough here to open the windows lately - there was even some snow! We hope that the weather is nicer there soon so you can go out again!

  4. Sounds like you kitties had an exciting weekend on the balcony!!! Those baby kittens are too adorable :-)

  5. Awww the kitties are beautiful!!! Awwwww!! How lovely to see, thank you!

    Glad that you all got to have a whiff of summer air and that your mum had a lovely Sunday with beer! yay! Take care

  6. KITTENS!! Somebuddy hold Mommy back...

    As for the clinginess, we see NOTHING wrong with it.

  7. Gaaaaah! Look at all that adorable kitten goodness!!

  8. Own! The cats are so cute!!!
    Love your news.
    Kisses kisses!

  9. Man, we are so jealous that you got to go outside! We got snow today! Can you believe it???


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