Friday, April 1, 2011

Finally Friday....

Mom says it has been a long week. We aren't sure what she means, but we are willing to take her word for it.

Mom said she is driving some dogs somewhere again tomorrow. Then it is laundry and napping for the rest of the weekend.

Oh, and mom says stay tuned for Monday....she has a surprise.


  1. You look mighty comfy there. I bet YOUR mom doesn't move things around! I bet YOUR mom lets you have the house the way YOU want it. MINE does NOT!!!

  2. You mom TOTALLY rocks!
    I hope it's a good surprise. Maybe she's got new treats for you or something!
    Play bows,

  3. Sweet dreams, gorgeous!! Oooh Monday sounds so exciting!! Take care

  4. Can't wait til Monday to see what the surprise is. That should be fun. You sure look comfy under that cover. Take care and have a great week end.

  5. Hurry up Monday! Oh, but we want the weekend to last...RATS!

  6. Sweet dreams! We can't wait to see what the surprise is on Monday!

  7. We have to wait until MONDAY for the surprise? That is like twenty days from now! (Uh... Mama says it is only THREE days. But still!)

  8. You look very snuggly there!

    Good luck to your mom re: the woofie transport, we assume she's helping to transport to a rescue or maybe a forever home. Wonderful!

    We'll be back on Monday for sure!

    -Fuzzy Tales

  9. Sounds like a busy angel mission for mom and then hopefully lots of cuddle time. Can't wait to find out about the big surprise! Have a great weekend.


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