Friday, April 8, 2011

Da fuzzies

Good morning - head alpha mancat Tommy hear....
         Give yourself that title handsome man?

Yep, I did mom. Anyhow, I have decided to grab the bull by the horns....wait, why would anyone want to grab a bull by the horns? Or get that close to a bull anyhow???
        Moose - FOCUS!!!

Sorry. Anyhow, I am here today to ask a favor of all our CB friends. See, we have several types of scratchers (and some of us don't use them for their intended purposes - see below).
(boy he used to be small)

But that isn't really the problem. The rope parts are fuzzing off the posts. Plus, mom can't figure out how to reattach them. I like that horizontal scratcher that the orange beast is sleeping on, but not everyone uses it. Mom bought an emery cat, but so far we like the toy more than the actual scratcher (and no, before you ask, using catnip to attract our attention didn't work).

So, we would like to ask: What kind of scratchers do you use? Do you have suggestions for something we could use on our posts to replace the rope (and where do you get the supplies)?

We hope you all have a great weekend. No plans here....though mom may have to fumigate. That kitty from yesterday was a boycat and the garage smells like unneutered mancat pee. :P
What the "head alpha mancat" forgot to mention was the the sisal gets fuzzy and Tim chews on it and the horks it up around the house. What I would really like is an alternative to the sisal rope. :) THANKS - the mom 


  1. ERm.... Charlie loves his upright scratcher and luckily the rope is still intact!! We hope you find a way to reattach the ropes!!!

    Have a great weekend!! Take care

  2. Our favorite is a faux suede ottoman that isn't really a scratcher, but as far as real scratchers go, we love the cardboard incline ones!

  3. I'll bet the Katnip Lounge kitties know how to fix those, we sure don't and ours are a mess too!

  4. You can get more sisal rope at Home Depot or Lowes. (You can measure the rope on the existing scratcher to find out how much to get. I use a 50 ft. coil of rope, but my scratcher is rather tall.) You should attach the rope with a heavy-duty staple gun or better yet a carpet stapler. If you don't have that, you can use U-shaped nails and nail a few into the ends to secure it tightly.

    When attaching the rope USE GLOVES to prevent rope burn. Attach the rope tightly winding it around the post. Secure the ends with the staples or nails.

    It's pretty easy to do. I personally use the nails because even though the staple gun I have says "heavy duty" it doesn't secure the rope well enough. :)

    Hope that helps!

  5. I've seen two different kinds of sisal rope: the kind shown in the picture you have and a one that is tighter wrapped and smaller in width. You might try the second one although you'll need a longer amount since the width is smaller. I have that kind on my cat tree, and it doesn't fray nearly as much as the thicker type. I've seen that one at Lowes in my area.

    Another alternative would be carpet. You might be able to get carpet remnants from carpet stores for free or very cheap. You can just glue the carpet to the post to secure it.

  6. Just wanted to say thank you for your message about Archie, all so hard to take in right now, I wish I could have as many cats as you do! xx

  7. When mine gets really bad, mommy does go and buy a new rope stand up scratcher. She doesn't try to replace as she would leave the Country out of frustration.

    I LOVE my horizontal cardboard scratchers. I both lay and sleep on them AND scratch the daylights out of them.


  8. I'm with you, Admiral and other kitties who use the horizontal scratcher. I lie on it and take in the sweet smell of catnip and scratch when I feel like it. I don't know anything about sisal..I'm getting so I like using the top of the wicker coffee table and I sneak in a scratch there!


  9. Our guys seem to like the horizontal ones best. Their faves are the ones made of cardboard...

  10. No help ere from me either. I would have thought about replacing the sisal rope too, but don't like the idea of putting in staples that could get caught in claws. Maybe some type of heavy duty fabric glue. My guys also prefer the horizontal cardboard ones which are cheaper, thank COD for small favors. Hope you get it figured out though.

  11. We have a scratcher called The Purrfect Post. We have had it for years, and use it every day. It still looks brand new! It is heavy and sturdy and looks nice, and the texture is like sisal but much more sturdy.


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