Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tabby Tuesday...

Mom was sitting on the floor last night trying to get some stuff organized and we were snoopervising helping.  Except mom said we were being a pain in the (bleep).  Hey - mom said another bad word.

    Yeah - so get over it. I was tired of pulling cats out of strange places last night.

Anyhow, she watched that dog thingie. She gets a kick out of it. She does say that she likes that David Frei guy cause it calls it like he sees it and doesn't sugar coat the dogs. He will say if this is a great starter dog or if it should be owned by someone with experience. And the Pedigree commercials get mom all choked up. :)

Speaking of which, mom hasn't said much about this before, but she is pretty fired up now. Seems that Oprah is having the (BLEEP) Vick on her show. http://msn.foxsports.com/nfl/story/Michael-Vick-booked-on-Oprah-Winfrey-Show-021411/?gt1=39002  WHAT????  Seriously, can someone explain to us why this guy is suddenly forgiven?? He does a few months in jail, a few service things for HSUS and gives them some money, and it is all OK. NO!!! Those dogs suffered and it is taking years to get them rehabbed and into homes and he is using it to further his career and make millions. I say let him live in a trailer and his salary goes to Bad Rap and Best Friends and the other rescues that took these dogs. I don't care how much he paid up front....it will NEVER be enough for what he did.

Francis Battista is one of the founders of Best Friends and wrote two blog entries about this:
  1. never say never
  2. mr president

And honestly, it isn't just him....I was talking to a girl in the office this morning about the tendancy to forgive athletes no matter what they do. What is it about sports figures (or famous people in general) that gets people to say "oh, that is OK?" WRONG WRONG WRONG

OK - sorry...I am getting off my soap box now. It just makes me nuts!!!


  1. Ugh - Michael Vick - don't even get me started. And he thinks it is SO sad that his kids don't get to have a dog because of what he did? Well, boo-hoo! What about all the dogs who don't get to have a LIFE because of what he did. My disdain is boundless, and Oprah is on my list, too! :(

    Tucker's Mom

  2. "Snoopervise" - what an awesome word.

    There is not any nice thing I can say about Michael Vick. this entire comment would be one big , , , ,

  3. That evil human belongs in the bottom of the litter box.

  4. While I think Michael Vick's actions were reprehensible, if he publicly says what he did was wrong it will be a good thing. No, it won't make up for what he did, and I won't necessarily be convinced he is sincere, but having him speak out against his former actions may plant a seed in the minds of his fans, particularly kids. As an environmentalist, I am glad when I learn of former hunters who have seen the light and become serious conservationalists (and I'm talking about them doing years of conservation work, not appearing on Oprah), not just because they're not hunting, but because these people can get through to other hunters or would-be hunters in a way that other environmentalists can't. I doubt anyone who loves animals has forgiven Michael Vick. Oprah is definately an animal lover and I think she may give him a hard time about his former activities and help to enforce the message of how wrong this was.

  5. Don't EVER get off your soapbox about this! The "sport" is still thriving in good part thanks to the publicity of a celebrity being into it. He committed murder and in the most horrific psychotic way possible...as part of profit and entertainment.

    If he showed the slightesr repulsion at his actions and for the monster he discovered within himself, I might be more inclined to believe a change had occured.

  6. Just hearing that name makes us mad too! If he's really sorry, he'll have to do a lot more than TV appearances to earn redemption for his horrible, horrible deeds.

    ~Slash & Bronzy

  7. I understand completely. It is reprehensible that he is back living the high life when there are still dogs struggling due to his actions.

  8. I cannot forgive him either, but I counter my hate with gratitude for those who have helped those dogs. Thanks for including the links, too...it was good to read an honest, level headed response to what Vick did and how others have had to be the responsible parties to helping rehabilitate those poor dogs.


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