Wednesday, February 16, 2011

On the subject of being bleeped...

OK, so I went a little nutty yesterday. Some things just set me off....

But, I got thinking about it. I try to be careful about editing myself before opening my mouth. Doesn't always work... 

However, it makes me laugh sometimes when things happen around the house. Since I am single, it is usually just me and the cats.  I am sort of handy, but just usually enough to get myself in trouble.

One afternoon I am sitting on the floor working on the box by the window that the cats sit on to look outside. Loose leg that needed to be screwed on tighter. No big deal. As I am sitting there, the group of kittens at the time (Dragon, Talon & Jumanji) come over and are watching intently. I slip with the screwdriver and bang my hand. Bad words are said. "OK kittens, just don't repeat what you hear". They appear to be paying attention. Then I slip again - and stab myself in the middle of my left hand with the screwdriver. It isn't serious, but it hurt. More bad words.....

Which makes me glad kittens can't speak English or I would have to keep certain groups of kittens just to keep them from repeating things they hear.....  :)


  1. Oh we understand what you're saying, we're just good a keeping secrets!

  2. The things we hear at OUR house! Mommy swears like a sailor, says Daddy. And he should know! He was in the Navy.

  3. Love it! Cats are such terrific secret keepers.

  4. LOL. They might not be repeating the words you are saying, but I've had many a cat swear at me in their own way.

  5. one ear and out the other...they were probably just happy you weren't 'hissing' at them.


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