Sunday, February 6, 2011

Snappy Sunday....

HELP!!  Mom bought a new flashy box and we are being tortured! OK - it is mostly the kittens, but still...

See, she got a digital many years ago and it died after a while. So, since her brother is a computer/tech geek and feels the need to upgrade every so often, he gave her his old Canon. Works fine, but a little clunky. Anyhow, she asked his advice for an external harddrive to save her video and he sent her to Best Buy (of course - his favorite store next to Home Depot). Mom had spent a good part of yesterday morning doing research and just couldn't decide. She ended up asking the guy at Best Buy...who said this - really the only difference in the catagory of camera she was looking at was brand. If you are brand loyal, you will buy that brand. Otherwise, they are all pretty similar. So, she picked a Sony and has been using it.

So far she loves it and thinks it is AWESOME!! She will get the pictures up tomorrow, but managed to get a couple of good ones of Junior in the cat condo IN THE DARK!

Mom doesn't so much care about the Super Bowl. The Spartans play Wisconsin this afternoon and she is going to grandma and grandpa's house to watch the massacre game. She said the other day that at the rate this is going, the FOOTBALL team has a better chance to make the Tournament. Not sure what she means, but it made her laugh!


  1. Hello buddies!
    Our mom also loves to take many pictures of us.
    We live here in southern Brazil and my mother loved the blog for you.
    Many hugs and purrrs!

  2. Concatulations to your mom on her new camera! It sounds like she will be following you guys aroud quite a bit, though ... maybe it works TOO well. ;)

    Have a great Sunday, dear friends.

  3. Hello! Our momma likes the clicky/flashy box too. We mostly ignore it, except Emma, one of our Doggie sisters is really upset by it. So momma doesn't use it when she's around. (So we try to make sure she's always around!)

  4. Thank you for stopping by to give your condolences about the loss of my kitty sister Hannah. We truly appreciate it.

  5. We're sorry you're being tortured with the new flashy box!! Our mom tortures us too!!

    Our mom wants to know what the heck happened to the Spartans this season. They sure fell apart!!

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  7. A new camera! What fun! And now the torture begins...


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