Monday, February 21, 2011

Mozart Monday....

Well, we have been abandoned.

    You have not - I was just gone a few days with the family to Disney.

Whatever weren't here for snuggling all weekend. We like Miss Carolee ok, but it isn't the same.

Anyhow, mom got a new car. Her brother works for VW and she bought out his employee lease. As we speak, she is finishing the drive back from Florida. While she isn't excited about the trip, she is excited about the new car.  Check out Penny: (she is a limited edition Red Rock Beetle)


  1. Love that car!! Hope you had fun at Disney!

  2. Oh my. Mommy thinks that car is cute as a bug!

    Mommy has a tendency to pun. Sorry about that.

  3. Love the car - but isn't it hard to fit a bunch of cat carriers in it?!

    That's how I got my SUV - had to make sure I could most lots of kitties in it (sometimes transporting for spay days, etc.)

  4. Cute car!! Our mom works for GM so we have to drive their cars...oh...that's right...we can't drive!

  5. Oh...Cute as a 'Bug'...I love that they have a flower holder in the dash. Love the color, Jag XJS was a similar color, they called it Carnivale Red and yep, it was fun!


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