Friday, February 18, 2011

2010 Annual Purr-fur-mance Review

Review of: Mom
Date: 2/18/11
Reviewed by: Maestro, Tim, Tom, Mozart, Ivy and Spud (with comments from Chiclet and Junior)

Quantity of Output: Purrty good.  She don't post on the weekends, but then again, if she spent the weekends on the 'puter, we wouldn't get any lap time ("YEAH - we love lap time" says the foster kittens)

Quality of Output: she spends a heck of a lot of time posting about those darned foster kittens.  Course, if she posts about them, maybe they will get adopted and get out of our house

Client Pawticipation: We think mom put her email address around here somewhere.  Sometimes she is not so tech savvy....But we love the comments we get. Sometimes it is good just to know mom isn't talking to herself in cyberspace.  MOL

Pawticipation (II): contests, parties, etc: yep, sometimes. But she posts mostly from work, so she can't put too much time into it (cause if those boss guys find out then we will have a green paper shortage)  Plus we got her with the commentathon we had and made her donate some green papers

Client Satisfaction: We think so. We get some good comments and are slowly picking up more followers.

Overall Rating: Medium....probably more she could do (more gooshy foods lady!!!) but overall, not bad.


  1. Hohohoh! Amazing photo!!!
    Your home is very nice! Congratulations!
    Hugs from Brazil

  2. hahaha! We love today's photo! It looks a lot like our house.
    We think you guys were tough but fair with your Mom, it's gotta be rough with all those derned kittens everywhere. We always try to comment when we visit cuz we learn something new or just smile. 4 paws up from us!

  3. OH my great photo!
    That was a pretty good purrfurrmance review!
    Kitties Mom is trying.


  4. Nice photo, we agree but cut mom some slack... she is helping save kitties, and putting kibble in your bowls by working, and trying to keep up with the blog world, AND give you lots of loving and lap time! THAT'S A LOT!

    We enjoy your blog very much. Thanks for sharing.

  5. There is always room for more gooshy foods! :)

  6. sounds like the kitties are pretty satisfied with your performance mom. We haven't filled out one of these reviews ourselves, but we would agree with you on the need for more gooshy foods around here too. Other than that, no complaints.

    Gidget and Lola

  7. Say, we just read on Cuddles and Catnip that Tia's Human is trying to contact you, she can't comment because of word verification...drop her an email if you can.

  8. That was a very fair review!! What a great picture of you all!!

  9. That was certainly a very fair review. Yes, gooshy foods always help bring up scores, don't they? :)

  10. You gave your mom a pretty glowing repurrt! Yay...we was kinda rough on Teri and nows we's kinda embarrassed...


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