Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thankful Thursday...

We are VERY thankful that Chiclet is doing well.  She had surgery yesterday for a twisted intestine.  Not sure how it happened, but she stayed the night with the vet last night and will be ready to be picked up after work.  Mom offered to help cover the cost of her surgery...not sure how it was, but we are sure it wasn't cheap.  Guess that means we are going to have to cut back on the treats for a few weeks, but it will be worth it.  Chiclet will stay in the bathroom for about a week to recover and then be let back out with the adults.  Hopefully she will start putting on some weight and feeling a little more lively.  We are also hoping she got spayed and can go to the adoption event on the 13th.

In other news, Mom was worried about tiny Miss Utah.  Then Mom had a thought....there is a spare can of a/d in the house.  She tried that and after some coaxing, Utah gobbled it down.  She ate again when dinner was served before bed, but didn't seem interested this morning.  Utah was nursing more than the others, so Mom has sworn to keep an eye on her....  no more scary cat things with this bunch!!

THANKS for the purrs for Chiclet.  We are sure she can use them while she gets better.

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