Monday, November 1, 2010

Miserable Monday....

OK - we have a bone to pick with whoever it was out there that put that "halloween costume" idea in Mom's head.  She went shopping on Sunday and came back with this....

Mo refused to cooperate with the picture taking

Tommy was just unhappy
Tim fell over and pretended to be dead

Maestro just was baffled
 Mom wasn't even gonna try putting that thing on Spud, Junior and the Princess....

Here are some updated kid pictures too.  Bug was just at 2 pounds according to the kitchen scale on Sunday, so Mom is gonna schedule her surgery for next Monday.  The other babies just need to get their vaccinations.  Chiclet seems to be having some problems so we need to get her into the vet to get checked out (we will keep you posted on that).

Maine, Utah & Carolina (there is one in every crowd)

cat condo as clown car

Dakota, Nevada & Carolina


Utah says "the food service around here is terrible"


  1. I love how Mo won't even look at the camera...too funny.

    Cats are so funny...what must they think of us silly humans??

    And those babies!! Eeeeee!!!

  2. That last photo is a scream!!

    Mom Sue to The Furry Bambinos


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