Friday, November 5, 2010

Finally Friday....

Mom is meeting from friends for breakfast tomorrow and then helping with a dog transport on Sunday.  Us - we plan on sleeping...just like normal.  Though mom said something about letting the kittens have some freedom while she is home.  HELP!!

Chiclet is in the bathroom and doing pretty well.  Thanks for all the purrs for her.  She isn't happy about being locked up, but she was very lovey last night and this morning, so mom is sure she is feeling much better.  She is on time out for a few days to give her tummy some time to heal.

And now....more baby pictures.

Junior (I don't think that is what the carrier is for)

Bug (could she get any cuter?)
Bug says: Utah tastes like a/d!!

left to right: Georgia, Nevada, Maine, Utah, Dakota & Carolina
Utah being a big girl and eating dinner on the counter

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  1. We are so in love with little Bug. There is no way she could be any cuter, it's just not possible! :)


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