Thursday, August 12, 2010

We caught us a kitten....

Well, our neighbor put out the cat trap again last night.  And caught one of the older kittens!!  I went over and picked him up.  I am going to get him neutered and try to socialize him.  Keep your fingers crossed.  Carol saw the other cat that we thought was pregnant - and she is skinny, so we now suspect she had her kittens.  So we are going to hold up trapping until they get a chance to get a little older. (or if we can find them)  Which leaves the black cat (that might already be fixed) and the big orange boy.

Gotta come up with a name for the new guy.  I will be working with him right now, and once he is tested and recovered from surgery, I will start SLOWLY introducing him into the house and the kitty crew.  He seems freaked out, but not wild.  I know he came out of the carrier last night as things were knocked over in the bathroom, but he was back in the carrier this morning when I went in to get ready for work.  I can pet him but he won't look at me.  For now, I am OK with that.

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