Wednesday, August 11, 2010


We have some community cats in our condo neighborhood (I don't really like the term feral since it freaks people out and doesn't always apply - Best Friends has started using this new term and I like it better).

Anyhow, a note was in the last newsletter asking for help for some TNR (trap neuter release).  I contacted another woman named Carol, and we set a trap I borrowed from my dad.  Monday morning we caught our first cat.  She apparently has been pretty friendly with some of the neighbors and one woman stepped up and offered to adopt her!  Chatty Cathy went to Stephanie's house last night and I got a call that said she is already adjusting very well.  She had to have been a pet that lost her home.  Well, now she is spayed and will be spoiled rotten.

I never thought it would be this satisfying - this is my first foray into TNR.  We are going to keep at it until we catch them all.... one big tomcat, a couple more girls and some juvenile kittens.


  1. Awright!! We're so happy Chatty Cathy has a furever home!! And it's great that you are gonna try and catch the other cats. Getting them fixed is probably the most important thing!!

    And we like the term "community cats" too!!

  2. Hi there! Thanks for taking the time to visit I HAVE CAT and post a comment

    I love the idea of TNR! Though i'm sure it's a controversial thing to say, i think some cats are happier outside versus living inside. different strokes from different cats!

    i also agree about the term "feral" makes them sound like they are going to bite your hand off!

    My friend is currently volunteering at BEST FRIENDS (the dogs and horses) and I cannot wait to hear all about it when she returns!


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