Thursday, July 1, 2010

Wally nut...

Gotta love the boy. :) He was crawling all over me the other day while I was reading a book, so I flipped him over and shoved him in the corner of the chair. That was great - now he could get his tail and his back feet. And my fingers when they wandered over there. I had the camera next to me and shot this blind. Then laughed when I realized it actually worked.
The tabby girls are pretty relaxed now.
Hazel has been clingy. The appointment is Saturday to have then vaccinated again, so I am going to have her checked out. She just acts like a little kid that doesn't feel good - she wants to cuddle and be held. Not that I am complaining about a kitten that wants to cuddle, but her siblings are pretty active and she isn't as much.

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