Saturday, April 3, 2010


Thursday morning I got to help with Puppy Class. All puppies must attend at least 10 classes before they can be adopted. Before they started this program, their return rate on puppies was about 35%. Since starting this about 5 years ago, they have had 2 puppies (not percent) returned. Puppy class includes walking on a leash, learning their name and some basic commands (sit, down, come). I left my camera in the car as I didn't think I would need it. That will teach me. They were opening their new puppy pavilion that weekend - I didn't get to see it, but they will have more space, no exposure to adult dogs (for disease purposes) and they will be able to expose puppies to household things like dishwashers and door bells.

From there I went to old dogs and did some more walking.

Thursday afternoon I went to Kitty Motel. This is the home of the FIV cats.

Lucky is one of the cats I spent some time with. The cleaning had been done for the day, so I got to sit and socialize. Some of the cats were more standoffish than others, but Lucky climbed right up in my lap and curled up. I sat in a chair next to Knox with Tweak behind my head.

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