Sunday, April 25, 2010

My Saturday

I met Mom for breakfast at Panera. Dad was on his way over to the house to work on the final project - getting the half wall up before finishing the painting. Mom said she would go to the shelter with me to get the kittens vaccinated and tested. Dad started working and Mom and I headed to the shelter.

As we were working on the kittens, Amy (volunteer manager) came in and said I had a flat tire. Great. We get done and wait for Amy to come back from Pet People since she offered to help me change the tire (something I didn't know how to do until yesterday). We get the flat off, get the spare on (which is a nice new full size tire), put the car down....and the spare is FLAT!!! Are you kidding me???? I remember that I got the tires from Discount Tire, which is about 3 miles away. We load the original tire in Amy's car and she takes us over. Well, on my way back from breakfast, I hit a curb. And apparently bent the rim of the tire right away from the rubber causing the leak. They can't fix it - gotta order a new rim. In the meantime, they will put air in the spare - which is back at the shelter on the car. So, back to the shelter, take off the spare, back to Discount Tire, fill the spare, back to the shelter and put the spare back on. NOW, I know how to change a tire.

We get back to the house. Mom heads home and I head upstairs. Dad has the wall built and we discuss putting on the drywall. He wasn't planning on getting that far, but since I was there and able to help, might as well get it done. We head to Home Depot, get the drywall and wrestle it up the stairs. Note to self: next time buy a ranch! Anyhow, we get the drywall up with little argument, get up the wall, put the drywall on the other side and VIOLA!! Half wall! I left to get groceries and Dad finished spackling the wall (it looks like it has chicken pox).

I got home, put the groceries away and cleaned up the construction mess. Then popped dinner in the oven, took a much needed shower and settled in for dinner with one thought - thank heaven I bought ice cream at the grocery store!!

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