Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tim & Tom

This is Tom & his brother Tim. As of 11/09 they are 7 years old. They were brought to the shelter 5 years ago together. Fortunately for Tim, our processing department said they should be adopted together. They were put in one of the glass cat atriums. However, a cat fight broke out. Tim got scratched up and Tommy was blamed for starting it. I still say that my best guess is that someone went after Tim and Tommy stood up for his little brother. After a few days in medical, I convinced our adoptions department to make them "special adoptables" and put them in a foster home. What I didn't realize is that they planned to make ME the foster home.
After fostering them for about 4 months, I got a call that someone might be interested. I thought about it and realized I couldn't give them up.
They are quite the pair. Almost every night there is either races around the condo or a wrestling match. They will groom each other and are usually asleep on the bed at night pretty close to each other.

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