Thursday, October 29, 2009


Would you trust this face? What if it came right up and gave you a mighty purr???
This is Mozart - 2 years old and black. He came to my house as a foster with his brother Picasso (orange tabby). He got pretty sick and ended up with a NASTY eye infection. In fact, he has a corneal scar on one eye.
I had taken him back to the shelter, but by then he was a black teenager among many. I woke up one Sunday morning and was convinced someone was going to adopt him and I would never see him again. His adoption was finshed within 30 minutes of the shelter opening that same day.
He has been a joy. Doesn't mind the foster kittens and he is young enough to put up with the antics of Spud & Ivy. He is my lover kitty....looking for a lap or somewhere to snuggle. He slept behind my knees under the covers the other night. :)

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