Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Dazed & Confused

Daisy is one of the kittens that I took from the shelter. A friend is letting the momma cat take up one of their spaces at a local Petsmart in the hope she gets adopted soon. Aida's spay and dental went very well and her long term outlook is great.
Anyhow, Miss Daisy is trouble. Last night I got home and everyone met me at the door to the garage. I went upstairs and the kittens followed me to the bathroom for dinner (I am trying to feed them canned kitten food at least twice per day since they are now out and about 24/7). Only - no Daisy. Which is strange.
OK - the kittens were downstairs. So I go back downstairs and hear "meep meep meep" from behind the garage door. Yep - she went out as I came in. So I grabbed her and took her back upstairs for some dinner with her sisters.
But, it gets better. Later that night, I opened the fridge door to get something out and let it shut without checking first. Yep - about 10 second later "meep meep meep". I open the door and Daisy stuck her head out with this look on her face like "Why did you do that?" I have seen her launch herself into the fridge before and just this one time didn't look before shutting the door.
Note to self: make sure you know the location of all kittens before shutting any doors.

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  1. Hahaha hahahaha! Yep, Panda Bear has climbed inside the fridge, and now Sunny comes running to the fridge every time I open it.

    Mom Sue to The Furry Bambinos


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