Friday, January 11, 2019

Random Fridays

We fooled you - there are 4 cats in that first picture:

The love affair continues

Holy moly it got cold here. Yeah - we know we live in the mid-west and it is January. But it was 60F on Tuesday....and 24F yesterday.

If you live near central Ohio and want something to do tonight, come check out some art and cats at The Amazing Cat Show IV in Columbus. Mom will be there with adoptable cats (of course).


  1. Ah I spotted three but I'd never have seen Ivy if it wasn't pointed out!

  2. The other three were easy, no fair, Ivy.

  3. I'd go to this event in a heartbeat, if I were closer!
    And yeah, I didn't spot Ivy are sneaky!

  4. I sure didn't see Ivy. Good place to hide. Have fun at the event tonight.

  5. Goldfish and Daquiri are so cute together.

  6. There aren't two behind the gauze?

  7. Oh gosh, 24 is cold! Stay warm this weekend. Well, try to anyway!


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