Friday, December 14, 2012

Random Fridays......

Well, mom went into work yesterday.....and then came home a couple of hours later. Color us surprised. Seems someone cut the power lines outside her office for the copper and the office has NO phone, no heat, no computer, no nothin'. So, until they can get someone out, the boss sent them home. And it is being fixed today, so no work today either. But mom says she gots stuff to do so she may have to go in tomorrow or maybe Monday (which was supposed to be a baycation day). Mom also discovered she would never be able to work from home. Tommy kept going after her coffee drink from Panera, Bourbon destroyed a set of shoe laces (that will teach her to leave shoes on the floor), the Gemstone kitts climbed her legs and untied her shoes and walked on the laptop.
~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~

The phone batter is still missing. It is wide and flat - no rolling and no way someone could have eaten it. Mom is still annoyed.....  We told her at least she had a good reason to clean behind the stove. She didn't laugh.
We do think it is a shame that Uncle Bill can't relax around here:

 (yep, that is Bourbon in the cat bed with Bill)

Speaking of Uncle Bill and Bourbon, when mom got home, she let out the Gemstone kitts and everyone was running around having a good time. The older kittens LOVE to wrestle and this broke out.....That is Kyan you see going up and down the tree.
(we had to pull it right off the camera cause you tube "upgraded" and mom can't find the bleepin' upload button)

ooooo - and we got a case of the happies too!!!  There were some great adoptions from the shelter: Maxx the old man cat, Dolly (who had been at the shelter for OVER a year) and..... our boy Duke!!


  1. What a great update, hurrah for the adoptions!

    Yes, we see how stressed Uncle Bill is, poor thing. :-p

    Loved the video, though the human was a little distracted by the action off to the right....Haha.

  2. That is great that all those kitties found a home that had been at the shelter so long.
    Way to go Bourb, give that Bill a whap. I see the Gem kitties playing on the tree. Where is that Emma? Have a great day.

  3. YEA! for adoptions.

    Maybe he's waiting his turn for that box??

    and I think Uncle Bill deserves a bill sized bed..

  4. Great news to start the weekend off with the adoptions - we were cheering that some of them had been with you quite a while.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. Hooray for the adoptions, those always make me smile! WeeeeeeOoooooo you got lots of fun going on!

  6. Enjoy your day! I can totally see how it would be difficult to get any serious work done at your house, with all that kitteh activity, MOL.

  7. dont bee leeve a werd of it...peepuls like ta use any cuze under de sun ta come home and.... SPY.... on uz kittehs....

    power out... ???!!!!

    N tell her ta chek ebay...her mite find de battryz for sale ther :)

    MOL !!

    oh, way happee bout maxx. dolly N duke, grate mewvie...we give it 25.5 paws up coz oh kyan...grate actshun shots and we hope everee one there haza grate week oh end !!

  8. Oh boy! Did Uncle Bill's swishing tail ever get the attention of Pia Bean sitting nearby helping Mom type. Sorry about the loss of copper! What's with people, anyway? Cats would never steal that. Purrs...from your friends at

  9. Yay for the adoptions.
    That is great news

  10. Uncle Bill and his floofed up fluffy tail is too cute!! Big hello to Kyan and the Bourb!!

    Take care

  11. I really enjoyed that video very much.

  12. Great news on the adoptions! Shame on the copper thieves. Don't them know it isn't even that expensive any more?

  13. Oh my cod, our mom loves the pictures of Uncle Bill (with or without Bourbon).

    What a lot of fun having crazy kittens in your house! MOL

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  14. Sounds like most evryone is havin a great holiday season, MOL!

  15. That might be some random stuff, but we loved it all! Especially the part about those adoptions! :)

  16. We kept trying to watch the smackdown, but our attention was diverted to Kyan going up and down that tree. Mom Paula wishes she could bottle up that energy.

  17. Wow! Maybe WE should cut the cables at dad's office... What a happy update and White Dog howls of happiness over the adoptions. We love that they will be home for Christmas!

  18. YAY for the adoptions! And Unca Bill, you sure need to let your fur down once in a while, being uptight like that's not good for the constitution!


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