Wednesday, May 15, 2024

We haz kittens

 Meet Buckeye (male gray tabby), Phantom (male brown tabby) and Gillig (female black). They come in with the names so we have no idea about that last one.

They are about 7 week old but need some serious socialization.  Phantom in particular is very sure he is not to be touched. They came to us yesterday, so mom will give them a day then start working with them. They are pretty relaxed in the foster room - they are eating and playing so that's good.

Step one - trim the murder mittens. 


  1. Gillig is the name of one of my favorite authors, and is also a bus-making company...hehehe!

    1. Yeah we googled it. It's also a winery not far from here. Still not sure about it though

  2. So cute! We know you will get them socialized in no time. :)


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