Monday, April 15, 2024

Nothing exciting

 Still no kitten here. Mom knows it should be soon but she is getting twitchy.

In the meantime, mom did buy a new mattress that was delivered on Thursday.  She managed to get everyone except Goldfish into the back bedroom. It would have been fine except mom realized at one point the front door had been left open. When the guys left, there was no sign of Goldfish and mom started to panic a little. Finally Goldfish squirmed out from under the sofa. Scary...

It's nice here so we do have open windows with the screen inserts in to keep everyone safe.

Boba and Chanel also got some time with the puzzle toy:


  1. There is no fear like the fear of a cat getting out!

  2. We recently moved and while the cats were locked in the bedroom (just the two), Stanley did try to get outside the first few times we went in and out the door. Perhaps he thought he needed to return to the old house. Spencer isn't interested in being outside, but does make a dash for hiding spot whenever one of the workmen we've had in the house is here. Hiding spots include, under the basement stairs, my grandson's pillow case, and in a drawer in my daughter's dresser. Funny cats!


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