Monday, January 15, 2024

Weekend report

 First, thanks for your comments about Ivy. It never is easy no matter the circumstances. 


Update: Milkshake was adopted! Single guy in an apartment. No doubt Milkshake is loving having his own person.


We've said it before, but Boba is super smart. And has all the opinions. Mom got a food puzzle and it going to see if that will keep her busy. It won't be left out - it will come out from time to time as a "new" toy. 

Boba & Chanel check it out

Daiquiri checks it out

Even Goldfish gave it a sniff

First try was treats with all the doors open. They figured it out pretty quickly. So next step is close one or two doors.

But her favorite game is still fetch


  1. Boba has the most enchanting wee voice!
    That game of chase the ball and bring it back is adorable.

  2. Wonderful news about Milkshake!
    That Boba is a cutie, I love her little merps.


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