Monday, October 16, 2023

Busy week

 Daiquiri, Ivy and Boba all had their annual vet visits. Daiquiri went last Monday by herself. She is ok at the vet but her singing tends to get Ivy upset so they don't go together anymore. 

This was Boba's first visit with our vet. She and Ivy went on Friday together. Ivy just got a checkup and a blood draw for a senior panel. Boba got the once over and her rabies vaccine. Mom wasn't sure how Biba would do and while she clearly didn't enjoy it, she wasn't bad. 

The kittens were spayed and neutered last Monday and are now available for adoption. They are a nice group of kittens. 

They can be pretty snuggly once they run around like lunatics and burn off some energy. They will go to the partner store when there is space but are having a good time here and are at least already on Petfinder. 


  1. Glad the vet visits went well, and those kittens do look lovely!

    The Chans

  2. Happy to hear the v e t visits went well. I'm sure the kittens will find their forever homes very soon. What a pile of cuties!

  3. GAH! Vet visits!
    Those cutie patooties should get their furrever homes pronto.


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