Monday, September 18, 2023

Updates has been slacking.

Apricot and Fog are at a partner store waiting to be adopted. Lychee is being spayed today.

The Italian city kittens are doing well. Palermo have mom a scare last week but 12 hours later was acting like nothing happened. 

Mom deep cleaned, disinfected and reset the foster room and they have been loving the space to run around and play.

Boba has jumped the gate a couple of times to check them out, but she is rude and growly so mom ends up kicking her out fairly quickly.

Everyone else is doing well. The weather cooled off some so we are enjoying open windows and fresh air.


  1. Good luck to little Lychee!
    The wee ones are adorable. Boba needs to get over wasn't that long ago she was one of the fosters. :)


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