Monday, August 28, 2023

Weekend report

 Things are pretty good here. The weather is cooling at least a little bit so that leads to open windows (with our screen inserts to avoid accidents).

 The fruit girls are doing well. Fig and Apricot are ready to go and on Petfinder. Just need space in a store. Lychee is finally big enough she can be spayed when the rescue has a spot.

Fig (back) and Apricot

Daiq and a kitten looking for
leftovers from breakfast


The little Italian city kittens are doing pretty good. Mom has changed their diet a couple of times hoping to get more calories in them. So far so good but mom still worries about them. They are being more active and playful so that's a good sign.

The hope is to move them maybe this week and give them a little more space. 


  1. Good luck to all the littles. Surely Fig and Apricot will find their forever home soon.


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