Wednesday, June 14, 2023

More Dessert

 We had visitors for a week. The shelter needed a pair of kittens to be fostered. They came in whike the vet was on vacation so it was literally just a week. The shelter named them Marge (tabby) and Homer (black). They are headed back today for surgery and adoption.

Since the dessert kittens are in the foster room, these two ended up in a playpen in the living room. Boba was confused:

The dessert kittens are doing well. Gelato got the clearance from the vet for vaccines and to be adopted. The rescue has decided to start holding kittens until 12 weeks to get a rabies vaccine at the time of surgery. 

So they will be here for a few more weeks. 


  1. That's a gaggle of kittens! Glad to hear that Gelato is doing so well. Purrs to Marge and Homer.

  2. I want to eat them all up with a spoon!


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