Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Sleeping spots

 Everyone here has a spot or two they lay claim to during the day. 

Ivy can generally be found under the side table by one of the floor vents. After watching her do this consistantly for a while, mom put a bed under there for her.

Junior likes this bed between the sofa and the coffee table. He can sometimes be found in one of the cat tree cubbies, but this seems to be his spot for now.

Daiquiri will sometimes sleep in the living room but can most often be found on the bed. 

Chanel has claimed the taco truck. Either or it or in it, that seems to be her spot. She will occasionally sleep under mom's desk but not often since mom moves around a lot.

Goldfish can either be found on one particular level of the cat ladder or in the round Sleepypod.


  1. Our Sweetie lays on the hardwood floor in the guest room.
    I've tried a beddy and a towel, but she doesn't like anything but the hard floor.

  2. Saku starts out the morning, after having kicked mom out of bed, in her spot. He prefers the bed to be unmade but I don't leave it that way. Afternoons are usually, after having kicked mom out of it, spent in my computer chair. I guess he thinks I've lay/sat down for too long. Warm days are different - when the sun room can be opened he's happiest out there.


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