Wednesday, March 1, 2023

2 kittens

 Yeti was neutered on Monday and is up on the website ready to go. Mom isn't sure what sort of drugs he got though cause he came back and he was wound up. All over the place all night. So of course he slept most of Tuesday morning waking up mostly to yell at mom that the food dish was empty. He is going to give his forever family a run for their money.

Good thing he's cute

Stripes is back for another week too. She had a fever and is on meds. Not that she acts sick or anything. 

Mom was planning to keep them separate but Yeti is fast and got in the foster room over the weekend. So slow introductions over a couple of days and she was out all day Tuesday. They don't really play together or snuggle. They will chase each other occasionally but they are pretty independent. Stripes does seem very chatty though...she has a cute chirp she does all the time, even when running. 

Stripes goes back to the shelter on Monday. Yeti will go to the partner store this week. Then just clean the foster room and wait to reload. (Mom is hoping for little ones)

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