Thursday, December 15, 2022

Novella and the box

 We got food delivered the other day and Novella discovered the box before it went out for recycling. 

She climbed in and of course the box started to move. 

Don't mind her graceless exit off the box. She stuck the landing. 

Novella is back at the shelter to find her forever family for Christmas. The last couple of days here she actually started getting up on mom's lap all on her own. This was a big deal. She would cuddle once she was caught but mom eould have to go get her.

Good luck sweet girl. It has been a pleasure to have you here as a foster.


  1. Aww, kittens are such fun...when they aren't being crazypants! Purring for Novella to find her furever home.

  2. Chanel's gentle paw stroke in the second video...

  3. Good luck Novella, I have my paws crossed you'll be in your furever home for Christmas!

  4. Good luck, Novella! We're purring and praying you find your happily ever after real soon!

  5. Such a beautiful girl! Sending lots of purrs that she's adopted quickly.


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