Monday, November 14, 2022

Weekend report

 Holy cats it got cold and fast. We even hate how on Saturday. It didn't stick but we got to watch it come down.

Since mom didn't have plans she decided to let the kittens loose during the day. We are lucky this shelter is ok with letting our kittens out with the permanent residents. Ivy and Daiquiri were not convinced this was a good idea.

The kittens ran around like lunatics for the first coupke of hours but settled once they got it out of their system. 

Then they found comfy (mostly) spots and took naps. 

They are in the foster room at night so the adults get some peace and mom can sleep. Norman has been whacked a couple of times by Daiquiri bit he's learning to give her some space. 

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  1. Be respectful of your elders, kittens!
    Ha, that's like talking to the wind...


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