Monday, June 27, 2022

Weekend report

 Well mother nature was weird last week. It was very hot mid week (mid to high 90s) then mid 70s this weekend. We also lost power Tuesday afternoon until early Wednesday morning and it got pretty warm in the condo. Luckily it came back before mom had to make decisions about how we were handling it. 

Our balcony has flowers again the year. It's not covered so it gets warm for mom to sit out there much but the flowers are pretty. And we have a bird feeder to so Mike gets a show.

However with the windows and sliding door open, the Arizona kittens had a good time climbing the screen door.

And Mike got some fresh air and quality bird time.

But of course it got hot again so we are back to closed windows and the cold air machine


  1. No power this time of year is not good. I'm glad you got it back.

  2. I'm glad your power came back on! That's no good!

  3. Losing power makes me very anxious!

  4. Glad you weren't without power for too long. Did the kitten get scared so high up on the screen? MOL

  5. Thank goodness you got your power back! Scary!


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