Monday, May 23, 2022

Weekend report

 The tuxedo boys were all neutered last Wednesday and adopted by Saturday. Yay!!

Mom left us for the weekend but for a good cause. The kid (her niece) graduated from high school. Mom isn't sure how that's possible but the kid has a diploma to prove it.

Mom also cheated on us with the kid's new puppy Koda...she just had surgery so is wearing the cone


  1. Kitties, it's not cheating...she just didn't have you all available to love on at that moment, so she found another four-footed furry.

  2. Cheating would have meant another kitty. A doggy is out and out betrayal! Even if he is adorable and the cone tugs at our heart strings. Well, maybe, just because of that, you might consider forgiveness, after suitable snub time. After all, standards!

  3. Wow ! All adopted - leaving Mom free for a happy weekend of visiting !

  4. Congrats to the niece. And the adoptees!

  5. Hooray for the kittens, and congrats to the niece. Wow, she was just a little girl a couple of weeks ago. Time flies while we're all getting older. :)


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