Friday, April 29, 2022

That was not the plan

 The little kittens have been in the tespo panel pen in the living room since we got them. For several reasons, mostly that they are smol.

However, mom came home last night to find loose kittens and this:

Yep. One panel is snapped in half. So there goes that plan. And time to get new panels. There is a really nice panel system out there but it is WAY out of our price range. Maybe someday.

Which means Mike has new roommates. There was a little name calling but considering it was a rush introduction, not bad. Mom will keep an eye on everyone and see how it goes. 

Never a dull moment though.


  1. How boring if it were dull!
    What cuties.

  2. Oh, oh. Glad to hear they're getting along reasonably well.

  3. Sure sounds like someone's got their hands full!

  4. In my experience, introducing kittens is smoother than introducing full grown cats.

  5. Well, of course! Mike has to teach them to be tuxes! How could you keep them apart?

  6. Paws crossed all goes well and everyone gets along well.


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