Monday, March 14, 2022

Really Chickpea

 That girl sleeps in the oddest positions

For reference she is on mom's lap in this picture....with her head hanging toward the floor.


  1. MOL! What a cutie (and I LOVE her name!) She just gets to engrossed in napping that EVERYTHING stops (even while her paws had probably been in motion before falling asleep). Too cute!

  2. Growing up, we called them garbanzo beans, chickpeas, and chichi beans.
    Nowadays, The Hubby buys them dried, then uses his pressure cooker, then blends most into hummus.
    The leftover chickpeas are toasted, and then dropped into almost every other meal made.
    I LURV them!
    Therefore, how can anyone NOT love your Chickpea, despite her unique napping style?!?

  3. I figured she was named in honor of Chickpea the shelter kitty in the Mutts comic strip. Do you have Chickpea's Brother ?

  4. She truly needs to learn how to relax....not so much, lol!

  5. Chickpea is a mighty good sleeper!


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