Monday, February 28, 2022

Weekend report


Things are pretty quiet here. Mom has skowly started helping a small local rescue but it won't be the same level of time commitment which will be nice for her.

Mom was gone Saturday and when she came home there was a big brown tabby sitting behind the trash can in the garage. Time to break out the trap and do some TNR.

Mom has been watching the news and like everyone has a sad. We are send so much love to all those affected by this tragedy in Ukraine. 


  1. I hope the tabby soon gets trapped. It is very sad and worrying with the happenings in the Ukraine.

  2. Our backyard cat visitors never show up on any kind of schedule, but it's been much too cold to trap anyhow. The Hubby and I continue to work on this, even if the cats just bypass our bowl of food! And only one appears to be intact, because he pees on every corner and bush; the others do not. But, that won't stop us!

  3. Enjoy your extra time... I imagine you will be busy again when kitten season starts up.

  4. We're glad your mom is volunteering a bit with that small rescue, but it will be nice to have a breather for a bit. The situation in Ukraine is simply heartbreaking.


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