Friday, September 17, 2021


 We are going with a noodle theme. Mom is named Farfalle. She should be available for adoption in the next couple of days. 

Mom put numbers in their ears yesterday in an attempt to figure out who was who and took pictures. Then she realized she has welping collars that are velcro and will come off, so 4 of the 6 are now wearing those.

#1 female, teal collar

#2 male, orange collar

#3 female, pink collar

#4 female, no collar

#5 female, red collar

no number or collar cause seriously....

So no, they don't look exactly alike, but when mom is trying to medicate or weigh them or anything else, all you can see is a mass of brown tabby and white and when she thinks she has them all, it never fails she missed one.

People were asking and yes the cold air machine got fixed. Thank goodness since the weather outside currently feels like July and not September.

Also, if you watch the web cams, they keep pointing one toward the wall. Weirdos. You may also notice Chutney in there a good deal of the time. She decided on her own to join the other kittens. 


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