Friday, May 7, 2021

Really Morrigan??

a post by the mom

I've talked before about the set up of the foster room. Due to just general space restrictions in 980 square feet of condo, I converted the dining room I never use into my foster space. To close it off I bought 3 screen doors and screwed them together. It works pretty well....most of the time. 

Wednesday night after my shift at the rescue, I came home and about an hour later heard growling near the door into the foster space. I looked over expecting to see one of my cats standing near the door. Oh no - Morrigan had managed to pull the door IN and got it open enough that she and all five kittens were standing in the airlock space created by the exercise pen. Everyone was herded back inside and I starting using the lock I put on the door when I was fostering Soda.

Morrigan decided to take the challenge and then started using the cubes to jump to the top of the doors. Seriously??? Fine - I moved the cubes to the other side of the room. That didn't stop her. Several times between 9pm and 11pm she jumped up. She came into the main house once but after that would jump back into the foster room with the kittens.

I did text the rescue asking if there was surgery space today thinking I could get her spayed and then up to the rescue for the weekend. No luck. There is an open spot on Tuesday. My plan Wednesday night in my frustration was to take her up to the rescue and she would have to stay there until Tuesday and then go to the adoption floor after being spayed.

Of course, if an effort to screw with me, she stopped jumping after a while last night and didn't do it on Thursday. She may still have to go back but for now she is good in the room (for those curious, my cats tend to be ok with foster cats, but I don't want to take the risks that either one of them or Morrigan will start something that results in someone getting hurt).


  1. Some kitties just want to let you know who's really in charge! MOL

  2. We agree with Summer!!!

    The Florida Furkids

  3. Maybe she heard you talking about sending her back to the rescue and decided to stay put. :p
    Hopefully she behaves herself until Tuesday. Good luck!

  4. "Get me away from these kittens...I'll do anything to get away from these kittens!"

  5. Heard in the foster space "Charge the barricades kittens! We can do this!"


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