Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Change of scenery

 First, since mom has been working from home.l, the TV tends to be on for background noise. Yesterday morning, there was a zoo show on and Chanel heard a tiger:

In the meantime, the kittens are 4 weeks old today. They were getting more and more active so mom rearranged the foster room a little. Barriers up to keep the kittens out of Morrigan's litter boxes (those have clumping litter in them and kittens are this age eat everything....). Other barriers up to cut the room in half to keep the kittens slightly contained. 

A quick word about the Kitty Kasas. A foster we follow on Instagram reported she had a kitten get stuck in the openings in the back. To avoid that, mom took duct tape and covered the openings.

Pretty Morrigan the momma cat
Good news: negative FIV & FeLV test results

The kittens are doing great and are pretty active. They are using the litter box and mom has seen one of the girls eating with her momma. They come running over when mom comes into the room - certainly no issues with friendly momma cat and kittens in this crew. haha

Everyone weighs in just around 15 ounces, so right on track (kittens average about a piubda month). Don't forget the web cams are live and you can find them at the tab near the top of the page. 


  1. They are little troublemakers at this age! Along with being adorable.

  2. Great news about Moms snap test. Looking cute you kittens

  3. Morrigan is so adorable, and those wee kittens too!

  4. Good news for Morrigan. And again, the kittens are so darn cute!


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