Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Life with cats

 Or just Chanel....whichever

This post has been here a while. Mom tried to rewrap it but it didn't work. In an effort to reorganize a little, this is getting recycled. Only, of course once it was in a new spot, some cat had to check it out.

Though in typical Chanel style, she lost interest fairly quickly.


  1. The world is her oyster; she's gonna investigate it all!

  2. I think it is more of a stepping stone to something interesting up high

  3. they are always interested in anything that enters, leaves or moves even one inch! MOL!

  4. You KNOW she is going to be mad when you get rid of it, right?

  5. Agreed, just move something from it's regular spot is enough to make it more attractive. We kitties have to keep the beans guessing.


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