Friday, June 19, 2020

Move them out, move them in

First good news: Whisk and Kettle were ADOPTED on Thursday together!! Nice family with 2 young boys.

Of course it is that time of year when rescues are up to their ears in kittens. After doing laundry and cleaning the foster room, we reloaded. The rescue has a lot of spicy kittens....some more spicy then others. The goal is to get them into foster homes to get them socialized. We took in a new crew.

There 3 boys and 2 girls. The boys are all orange and white, the girls a torbie and a buff and white. Mom says they are only mildly spicy and will probably come around pretty quickly. No names yet. It usually takes a few days to come up with a good theme.

Be sure to click on the link in our header for the foster cameras. They are having a good time running around.


  1. Yay for the double adoption!
    Look at those sweet ginger-and-white kittens; maybe a precious metal theme to this family, since they have that golden glow...

  2. wel come two ewe spice catz !!! we hope ewe haz de good for choon in findin yur foreverz like whisk N kettle did !!! happee gotcha day two ewe both ☺☺♥♥

  3. Hurrah for the adoption, we saw that on Instagram. :-)

    Your new group are awfully cute! Look at them, especially the torbie. ♥

  4. What cute babies! They look like they will be with you for a while before hitting weight. And BIG paws up for the adoption!

  5. They are so darn cute! We were happy to see that two of the kittens were adopted so quickly. Paws crossed for Ree and the other baby.

  6. Good news on the aoptions - but not Spatula? Unbelieveable!

  7. Awesome adoption news! And those new babies are super cute. :)


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