Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Meet the kittens

There was some suggestions made on social media for name themes. Our friends Amy and Emily suggested salad or veggies. After checking the Google and the rescue database, mom decided to name the after types of cabbage. They do have lots of layers....haha
Torbie. Short hair. Female.

Buff and white. Short hair. Female.
Brussel Sprout

Orange and white. Short hair. Male.

Orange and white. Short hair. Males.
Napa and Savoy

Sprout and Kohlrabi have started coming around. Still a little hand shy but already purring. Kale is still unsure but not too bad.

Napa and Savoy are still pretty spicy. They are hissy if mom gets too close or reaches for them, but all noise. They are getting the purrito treatment and should be much better soon. 

Mom has been sitting on the floor with their dish right in front of her when they get canned food. They have to come to her to eat and she can reach out touch them as they eat. 


  1. That one good looking bunch of kitties. Do you get any takers when you post the pictures. I have five kittens that need a home. Do you have any suggestions. Have a great day.

    1. We get some interest but thankfully we are associated with a local rescue.

      The other suggestions were salad ingredients: radish, tomato, snap pea, celery, carrot

  2. Wow ... those are some pretty kittens! They'll get snapped up in no time when they're ready!

  3. The Hubby and I eat a ton of cabbage; he makes THE BEST sauerkraut!
    However, your cabbage kittens are much more tasty than any cabbage EVER...

  4. Holy cow, what a gorgeous bunch and what a great naming theme!

  5. best fishez two ewe veggies cats....we cracked UP at de last foto; kale yur toez R gonna haza flavorz ~~~~~~ ☺☺♥♥

  6. I'm sure with the patented Random Felines treatment, they'll all come around!

  7. Such cuties and adorable names.

    The Florida Furkids

  8. OMC, they're adorbs! And we love those names. Especially Brussels Sprout. :)

  9. Kittens are so cute, hissy or not, these munchkins are adorable!

  10. Oh, cabbage is a great naming theme - very creative. Those are just the cutest little ones ever!

  11. Ha! It's a dilemma when kittens have to choose between eating and being touched by the human. It's good that they usually allow the latter.

  12. They are all so adorable! But that Kale, she will be a stunner!


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